Managing candidate and client relationships with recruitment software


The best recruitment software on the market these days doesn’t just deal with sourcing the best candidates, landing them a role and moving onto the next candidate.

Instead, the latest productivity solutions go one step further to make sure your agency maintains strong and healthy working relationships with both your clients and the candidates you find for them.

Keeping your existing clients, in addition to extending your customer base, is the cornerstone of growth for your agency – and this is where a well-designed CCRM (Candidate and Client Relationship Management) system comes in.

Firstly, recruitment software for client relationship management can help ensure that you keep up to date and on the same page with your clients, thus improving customer satisfaction and prolonging the length of your relationship.

With features specifically designed for recruitment agencies – such as the ability to automatically generate resumes and letters, and handling multiple clients by industry group – you will be able to streamline your interactions with your clients.

On the candidate side, recruitment software can help consolidate the relevant data to quickly and efficiently match individuals with the right position and keep them happy as well.

Your agency can use such software to assess each candidate’s suitability for a particular role, whether it’s a temporary, casual or part time positions they’re after.

Additionally, functionalities such as tracking a candidate’s past work history, and recording work availability and shifts by day, will assist you in obtaining a comprehensive assessment of the candidate in a short period of time.

Relationship management – for both your clients and candidates – is crucial to the long term success of your agency.

Investing in effective recruitment software can help you hit the mark on both fronts. Here’s your guide on how to select the best recruitment software for your business.

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