How moving to the cloud can empower your recruiters


The Australian recruitment industry is an extremely competitive environment, with recruiters often vying for a limited number of high-quality candidates to fill roles.

Throughout their week, recruiters are constantly communicating through a variety of devices with job seekers at different stages of the hiring process, clients and colleagues. The job is demanding and often entails their continuous availability beyond normal working hours in order to close deals and meet targets.

Recruitment agencies depend on the success of their recruiters.

Benefits of moving to the cloud

Recruitment agencies depend on the success of recruiters and their ability to contact and collaborate in a timely manner with all relevant stakeholders. Those that have implemented cloud-based technology solutions such as unified communications, advanced phone systems and fully integrated end-to-end recruitment software not only make the lives of their staff easier, but enable themselves to possess a high level of competitiveness in the market.

A 2014 policy report by Australia’s Department of Finance highlighted broad network access and on-demand self service as two of the major benefits of the cloud. In other words, it can enable an organisation’s employees to have greater control over when, where and how they access the information they need.

Furthermore, the cloud makes it easy for different departments to collaborate and pool data. The technology’s flexibility also means it is easy for a company to scale the IT architectures its business needs evolve.

The cloud allows for more efficient collaboration and pooling of data between different departments.

David Page, CEO of FastTrack Recruitment espouses the use of cloud technology within the Australian recruitment industry.

“Great technology can help recruiters and staffing organisations become more productive and more successful,” said Mr Page. “We think that technology is just a critical component of what can keep their business successful and keep them relevant in the market.”

“Great technology can help recruiters and staffing organisations become more productive”

Talk to FastTrack about a technology solution that suits you 

FastTrack360 recruitment software is a cloud-hosted end-to-end recruit, timesheet payroll and billing solution. Around its core functions of recruit-time-pay-bill, it features an integrated marketplace, within which users can link to other key services provided by third parties. In this way, we’re helping our customers stay up to date and abreast of technology that can help make them successful over time as new and innovative ideas come along.

As experienced suppliers of recruitment software solutions to a large number of organisations in both Australia and New Zealand, we at FastTrack have become trusted advisors in these markets and have come to know our customers well.

Give us a call today if you’re interested to find out more about our FastTrack360 recruitment software solution and to see how we can help.

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