How FastTrack is leading the way in cybersecurity


Cyberattacks have become a major threat for businesses worldwide. The people or hackers behind them have all kinds of motivations. In Australia, the most common types of cyberattack are those where attempts are made to take a business offline, to conduct fraud or to obtain personal information.

“Cyberattacks have become a major threat for businesses worldwide.”

Keeping personal information secure

Identifying information like names, emails and addresses are sometimes all that’s needed to hack a social media profile or open a bank account. It’s the type of information that recruiters or hiring managers hold and can be a target for hackers looking to gain access to personal details.

It is important for users of FastTrack recruitment software to be trained and continually reminded about how to adopt best practice security approaches. End-users are not always aware of the security threats to their organisation or in the environment. If a serious cyberthreat does arise, employees need to understand they have a responsibility to protect their organisation’s data.

Employees have a responsibility to keep their company’s data secure.

It’s critical therefore to keep users informed about the security features that are available in FastTrack, how they should be used and why. Putting a simple password would be the easiest thing to do, but it might not be right thing in terms of safeguarding the organisational data. So a very important part of the process involves reminders and re-educating about the security functions that are available and how to use them. We will also regularly update users regarding additional features coming into the picture to further bolster security.

“Introducing new safety measures in the system is important to protect our customer’s data.”

Software security continuously updated

We sometimes get a spike in customer enquiries about FastTrack’s security measures when there is a large-scale cyberattack incident in the media. Customers will come to us and ask for assurance about our software. Our system is very secure and so will explain how they are protected. If a specific threat is new, we will schedule a security update into the software. Introducing new safety measures in the system is important to protect our customer’s data, so these types of security updates are an ongoing priority for us.

Being hacked can be a very serious problem for a business. Even if a hacker obtains only 10 per cent of a firm’s information, that could be more than enough for them to do some damage. Cyberattacks could be occurring right now, as you are reading this. They are happening all the time and should be an ever-present concern for companies, especially those in the recruitment industry.

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