How can recruitment software take your agency to the next level?

There is one simple maxim for businesses today, regardless of industry – if you're not taking advantage of the latest technology, you're missing out.

This holds true for organisations in sectors as diverse as recruitment and talent management. No matter what your company sets out to do, there is bound to be a technology solution out there that can improve its operations.

Here are just a few ways recruitment software such as FastTrack360 can improve your service to both clients and candidates.

Improved management reporting

The quality of service you provide to your customers depends largely on how efficient your operations are.

FastTrack360 software offers integrated management reporting features to help your agency produce a variety of reports as and when needed. Whether it's the most up-to-date information on a client or a candidate's history, a detailed report is just a few clicks away.

Powerful search tools

The need to quickly search and process candidates means many recruitment agencies are now turning to efficiency software.

No longer will you have to lose time looking for a candidate with specific geographic, demographic or job history requirements.

Agencies can use such software to effortlessly scan candidates according to required criteria and match the right people to the right jobs.

Convenient web-based platform

The best software nowadays is all hosted online, so make sure the recruitment productivity software you choose is based on the web.

FastTrack's WebBase, for instance, offers online platforms to help both clients and candidates manage the progress of job applications. Using the internet as a platform allows all parties to communicate efficiently with your agency at all times, whatever their needs.

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