Hays highlights importance of proper recruitment processes

With the job market growing in Australia, businesses with capable recruitment software will have the advantage when capturing its required talent.

In Hays' latest Quarterly Report, the recruitment authority lists a number of skills in demand over this financial year and how employers can hire the right people.

Nick Deligiannis, managing director of Hays in Australia, explained that as there are more jobs, the talent pool has significantly decreased that makes the recruitment process critical.

"For employers, the focus is once again on identifying and engaging with the right talent," he said.

"Given the release of new financial year budgets, vacancy activity will increase further as employers recruit the skills they need to drive their department forward."

This means that enterprises need recruitment software to drill down the talent and skills they require. The software can find candidates who may have worked previously for specific organisations as well as searching for potential employees who have worked particular duties.

Because of this, Mr Deligiannis said potential candidates must list more on their CVs and references than just technical skills.

"If you want a new job this financial year you need to match all the requirements on an employer's wish list. Anything less and you won't get an interview," he concluded.

In-demand skills according to Hays' latest Quarterly Report

There are a large number of skills in particular sectors, however, the accountancy and finance industry displays the most. The recruitment authority lists finance managers, auditors, all-round accountants, which also highlights the need for efficiency software.

Having efficient and easy-to-use payroll software will be a great incentive to any potential employees coming in and working with this important aspect.

Financial obligations are vital to meet so hiring someone with the skills and giving them the best technology will enable your business to flourish in the long term.

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