Agents for change – the key to delivering a successful project

Achieving successful adoption of new technology is not always easy. Typically staffing agencies undertake software implementation projects when aspects of business operations reach a critical juncture or are already on life support. Therefore, when the implementation of new software has the ability to fundamentally change how an organisation conducts its daily business, it is paramount that the exercise is taken seriously and executed successfully. Don’t forget, we are talking about activities that will be incorporated into the daily lives of your employees, clients, and candidates in perpetuity, and will fundamentally connect them to your business, for better or worse.

Staffing businesses of all sizes should commence their transformation journey by empowering a ‘team of heroes’ led by a strong project owner. This team must be passionate about making the project a success, able to zero in on your core needs, and know how to make your business better than it is today!

Not paying proper attention to employees’ needs during technology implementations is a common mistake and can significantly decrease employee adoption and your overall chances of success. Sure, implementing a new solution is an opportunity for you to think holistically about your business but it can also cause anxiety and role upheaval for some. Ensure successful internal change management by creating synergy and connectivity between your organisational objectives and your employees’ personal process changes. People might know that the systems implemented a decade ago are not scalable and flexible enough to handle modern-day demands, but this does not stop the possibility of separation anxiety caused by having to let go of processes established to compensate for gaps in systems.

Whether professionally or personally, we build routines to provide ourselves with stability, and our work patterns are no different.

Simply put, failure to ‘assign and align’ the right people and principles to any implementation project can lead to a devastating breakdown and you could be left with a system that your team doesn’t want, doesn’t understand, or doesn’t know how to use.

If individuals are unsuccessful in their personal transitions or if they don’t embrace a new way of working, then the initiative will likely fail. If employees embrace and adopt changes required by the initiative, you will greatly increase your organisation’s ability to reap the benefits of change.

Don’t underestimate the importance of internal and external change management, and plan for it. Developing and applying a change management framework to your project implementation process is very important, as is ongoing communication within your organisation around the reasons for, and importance of, the change in software. As such, mastering internal change, and subsequent training across multiple branches or divisions can impact the successful adoption of any software into your organisation. It is important to ensure that all implementation project team members are sufficiently engaged, trained, and equipped to roll out the technology across your business, including after the project has been completed.

Ultimately, the goal is to build an environment that stimulates a smooth and positive solution transition – one in which employees look to be advocates rather than resisters. Proper education and training of your end users is essential. Ensure your employees are equipped with all the necessary knowledge and skills, and they will be your agents for change.

This article was written by Sylvia Foster, Director of Professional Services at FastTrack. Connect with Sylvia via LinkedIn or reach out here

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