Cloud technology to reach broader horizons

Cloud technology has been a much-discussed technology amongst businesses and recent analysis has predicted that it will hold the spotlight for quite some time yet. 

According to IDC, the worldwide market for cloud computing hit a total of $48.8 billion in revenue, a 24.4 per cent increase from the previous year. By 2019, this figure is expected to rise to over $112.8 billion, increasing annually by 18.3 per cent. 

Cloud computing is poised to dominate other software, comprising 21 per cent of total business purchases by 2019.

Vice President of IDC's SaaS and Cloud Services research branch Robert Mahowald believes that software services will play a large part across a range of different business applications.

"SaaS, and broader public cloud opportunities, represents both a tremendous challenge to meet change head-on and a huge opportunity to realign with partners, create new capabilities, move into new markets and define new leaders," he said.

Where next for cloud computing?

One particular area that may see heavy usage is hybrid computing, which mixes public and private on-site applications into one cohesive system.

Gartner has predicted that this branch of the cloud will see full productive adoption within two to five years. The digital application of these systems can help reach new markets by initiating more sophisticated channels and fostering greater social connection amongst stakeholders. 

"As enterprises continue the journey to becoming digital businesses, identifying and employing the right technologies at the right time will be critical," said Betsy Burton, vice president at Gartner. 

These factors can also be applied for business use, such as for payroll software. Hybrid computing can significantly improve your business communications and ensure that information flows quickly and efficiently. 

With cloud computing here to stay, businesses should carefully consider the benefits that this technology can offer to their everyday functions and long-term strategic direction.

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