Cloud software not just for giants: Benefits for small businesses


It is a common misconception that cloud solutions such as efficiency software are only useful for large corporations that have numerous departments, a big customer base and a mass of information to contend with. But in fact, cloud software can be just as beneficial for small businesses, and the right solution can be tailored to suit the particular needs that a company of this scale will have.

So what are the advantages of cloud software for the small business?

Payroll software can help to manage cash flow more easily.

Helps to manage cash flow

Cash flow is a significant issue for any organisation, but for small businesses it can be particularly challenging. If cash flow becomes a problem, it could seriously affect operations and jeopardise the company. However, careful management of the various aspects of a business’ finances using payroll software can actually help to ensure that its revenue and expenses stay in balance, making it simpler for billing and paying activities to be carried out.

Consequently, cloud software can be a valuable tool that helps smaller companies maintain their financial health more easily.

Improves relationships with customers and clients

A small company relies on maintaining strong relationships with customers and clients in order to stay competitive in the market. Luckily, this is often easier for a modest-sized business to accomplish, as their smaller scale can give them the advantage of appearing more trustworthy and personal. Good customer service is key to maximising this image, yet it may not be possible to have dedicated staff in a busy team that have other things to attend to.

Choosing a cloud solution with a self-service portal means that small businesses can give their valued customers constant support and attention without having to pull staff away from other important duties.

The cloud allows staff to work from anywhere.

Better flexibility

One of the biggest advantages of the cloud is that it allows data such as email to be backed up on a secure platform where it can be accessed and modified at any time or place and on any device with an internet connection. this gives small businesses a lot more flexibility with how they operate their IT resources.

Integration and collaboration

Lastly, cloud software can integrate the processes of the entire company and allow teams to work together with more efficiency than ever. Effective collaboration is an important aspect of innovation, and the cloud improves the ability of the workforce to cooperate and share ideas by uploading, editing and commenting on documents.

Cloud solutions such as online timesheets can equally useful for small businesses as for large ones. To find out what cloud software is right for you, talk to the team at FastTrack.

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