Businesses struggling to recruit IT talent, study finds

A recent study by Deloitte has highlighted a major recruiting concern among businesses around the world today.

In conducting the 2013 Deloitte CIO Survey, the consultancy asked a pool of over 700 IT business leaders across the globe – including in Australia – about some of the most pressing issues in the industry today. What the survey revealed was that while there is increasing recognition of and demand for IT services, organisations are struggling to find the talent to fill those needs.

According to the survey, almost 80 per cent of CIOs reported that their IT budgets had stayed the same or increased since last year. This was due to three quarters (75 per cent) of businesses claiming they now understood the importance of IT in innovation.

Kurt Proctor-Parker, Deloitte consulting technology partner, said the IT focus of businesses had therefore shifted to recruiting skilled professionals.

"It seems as if IT budget cuts are largely behind us, with companies investing more in IT, innovation and key areas such as digital," he said in a November 11 statement.

"40 per cent of the Australian CIOs reported that they had not experienced any movement in their budgets over the past year and their current IT priorities are around strengthening risk and security and developing IT staff and skills."

However, the survey also found that sourcing IT talent remained an issue. Around 60 per cent of CIOs said they had problems finding suitable IT staff, especially those that "can think like the business, think strategically and communicate effectively".

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