Australians feel positive about working with foreign employees

Australian workers feel much more positively about working with international colleagues than their counterparts in the United States and Great Britain, new figures have shown.

The data, which was compiled as part of the December edition of the Randstad Workmonitor – a quarterly survey of workers in 32 different countries – revealed that 56 per cent of Australian workers feel that foreign employees add value to their jobs. Eight per cent strongly agreed with this statement, while a further 46 per cent said they agreed.

These figures were largely in line with the numbers recorded in New Zealand, where 55 per cent of workers said they felt foreign employees added value to their jobs. In addition, 31 per cent of New Zealanders said they felt that immigration had resulted in positive changes to their working environment.

However, the data recorded in Australia and New Zealand was markedly different to the figures for the US and the UK.

In the US, fewer than half of the workers surveyed (45 per cent) felt foreign employees added value to their jobs, while in the UK just 38 per cent of workers shared this sentiment.

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