Are you up for a negotiation battle?

It is fair to say that in the current state of recruitment, it is hard to find the best talent in the market. This isn't because it doesn't exist, but a result of fierce competition between organisations.

As businesses require improved skill sets, companies are now in a position where negotiating salary is a common occurrence.

This was one of the findings out of a recent Robert Half Management survey. Polling more than 2,100 chief financial officers in the US, researchers found that 41 per cent are more open to negotiate starting pay this year compared to last. In comparison, just 9 per cent are less willing to use this as a tactic to recruit.

One of the reasons why this is becoming commonplace is the fact that more businesses are discovering the recruitment market more difficult in relation to finding skilled candidates for professional-level positions.

In fact, 68 per cent of respondents said it was more challenging, while just 31 per cent were not experiencing any trouble.

Paul McDonald, senior executive director for Robert Half, explained that a lot of businesses are growing and expanding rapidly, yet lack the candidates to cement this advantage.

"The hiring environment is very competitive. Employers must move quickly and efficiently through the hiring process, while still taking special care to not skip any steps along the way," he said.

He admitted that he had seen a shift in salary negotiations in recent years.

"Willingness to negotiate can often make the difference between landing top candidates and losing them to the competition."

Recruitment remains one of the most important functions for any business. This makes it vital that companies have sufficient recruitment software in place during the process.

One of the benefits of this software is that it can track applications and ensure no piece of information becomes lost in your piles of paperwork on the desk.

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