4 things to look for when buying business software

There is a fantastic range of business software packages available today that can help almost every area of your recruitment agency.

Whether it's payroll software to manage your online timesheets or other specialist recruitment tools, here are four things you should look for when selecting a software solution.

1. Scalability

Modern businesses demand flexibility to accommodate their growth.

Any recruitment software your agency invests in must be scalable to cater for its growing needs as you take on more employees, clients and candidates. Make sure any software you choose is easily upgradable so your agency doesn't face any roadblocks.

2. Security

Recruitment agencies are required to deal with a lot of sensitive data, including payrolls and candidate applications.

Even if your software is cloud-based, make sure it has plenty of encryption and authorisation tools to block any unwarranted access. The software should also have backup facilities to protect against data loss through disaster.

FastTrack's recruitment software, for example, offers multiple levels of user ID and password security and an easy-to-use backup function.

3. Support

The best software packages go beyond just the product and offer a host of after-sale services.
These include both technical support for when things go wrong, as well as comprehensive training to allow your staff to use the software as soon as possible.

FastTrack provides both offsite and onsite training to help your employees benefit from its powerful productivity tools in no time.

4. Workflow automation

Recruitment agencies just don't have the time to sit around and sort through piles of documents and applications.

Check to see if the software has workflow automation capabilities for the most crucial tasks involved in your agency, from payroll processing and management to candidate search.

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