3 things you didn’t know affect your productivity

Business managers are constantly coming up with ways to boost their employees' productivity at work.

While providing them with the right tools for the job and allowing for plenty of breaks can help employees focus at work, sometimes it's the smallest of changes that can have an impact on their efficiency.

Here are three things you might not have known about that impact productivity at the office.

1. Temperature

With the heatwave in Australia nearing its peak, it's important to keep your office nice and cool at this time of the year.

It's not only to help your workers stay comfortable, as numerous studies have indicated temperature can have a huge role on productivity and there is even an 'optimal' temperature to work in.

Apparently, 71 degrees Fahrenheit – roughly 22 degrees Celsius – provides the best conditions for productive, efficient work, so try to maintain this temperature at your office this summer.

2. Lighting

Having an adequate supply of light can also go some way in improving productivity, but it's important to realise there is good light and bad light.

Unsurprisingly, natural light is better than artificial sources for a number of reasons. For instance, it has been demonstrated that artificial or dim lighting makes us less alert and can even lower our cortisol levels, causing us to feel stressed and sleepy.

Make sure your office has plenty of natural light sources to brighten up both the workspace and your employees.

3. Technology

Technology is allowing modern workers to achieve more than ever before – but are we using it right?

The latest software tools are useless if your employees are uncomfortable with them or aren't educated on how to use them.

Recruitment software solutions like FastTrack360 not only help your workers get more done more efficiently through workflow automation, they also come with onsite and offsite training to help them make the most of the technology.

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