New Free Payee Onboarding Is Here

Now you can onboard candidates online, capturing bank, tax and superannuation details as well as automatically creating the payee record in FastTrack360. Save time, effort and remain compliant with new payee onboarding

What Is Payee Onboarding?

Payee Onboarding, is the process of capturing the key details you need to pay a candidate. This includes bank and tax details as well as superannuation selection. FastTrack360 now offers this free as standard, which can be automatically triggered from the referral workflow or on closing a job, or triggered manually from a candidate or candidate search.

The key benefits of payee onboarding are:

  • Saves your team time, money and effort with digital, seamless onboarding experience and automatic payee creation
  • Reduce risk of manual error by reducing human intervention
  • Provides a positive candidate experience with your own branded payee onboarding process
  • Ensures you remain compliant by accurately capturing key details and providing a candidate a choice with their superannuation, particularly in preparation for Super Stapling being legislated from November 1, 2021
  • Reduces business risk by correctly handling sensitive bank, tax and super details securely and digitally
How does payee onboarding work?

Want to see the integration in action? Check out the quick overview video below.

How do I get setup with payee onboarding?

If you are a FastTrack360 client and want to use payee onboarding please complete the form below so we can help configure. We will then be in touch to confirm the next steps of configuring this within your FastTrack360 platform, and helping you educate your team and candidates about the new process so you can quickly roll it out.