The future has arrived. Let your HR AI chat-bot do the hard yards

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Adding SmartAI lets you:

  • Keep engaged with your candidates using artificially intelligent chat bots
  • Remove non-revenue generating admin, whilst keeping candidates engaged and supported
  • Get back time to work on relationships and generating revenue
  • Automate your recruitment workflow
  • Enhance the candidate experience
  • Increase your speed to market

App Details

Pre-requisite: An active SmartAI account
Cost: Contact or call 0411 410 810

Support: or live chat on Messenger:
Access: Access within a website of your choice or via Facebook Messenger

How it works

Easily access within your own dedicated website or the readily-accessible Facebook Messenger. Once the setup has been completed so your  BOT has the name and branding you want, candidates can easily start chatting.

There are a range of activities readily available as standard, such as requesting the next shift or indicating availability. With the artificially intelligent BOT always learning how to better answer questions and expand it’s knowledge.

If a question gets asked that the BOT doesn’t know, it will respond to the candidate accordingly and notify the SmartAI team know so this can be updated with a suitable answer for the future.

If a candidate tries to update something they shouldn’t, such as being unavailable when they have shift, the candidate will be told this is not possible and the responsible manager can be notified, so you can stay ahead of your workforce.

How to get setup

SmartAI will completely manage the implementation process with your FastTrack360 system to ensure the branding, questions you want the chat bot to answer, and processes meet your business needs.

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