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The easy, fast and secure way to get your employment and client contracts, onboarding forms , client terms of business and quotes signed online with FastTrack360. Goodbye paper, hello to working smarter. Get rid of paper in your business for good.

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About Secured Signing

Secured Signing’s digital signing integration allows you to get all of the documents across your recruitment agency signed online by clients and candidates right from within FastTrack360. This speeds up your recruitment agencies processes, free’s up your recruiters time and ensures important documents are automatically stored in the right place. The signing process is simple for candidates and clients to complete on any device, the signatures are encrypted with PKI technology that ensures documents can’t be modified and with a full audit trail are legally binding.

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Secured Signing’s digital signing integration is packed full of benefits and features that will allow you to take your recruitment business to the next level saving time, money and hassle internally and externally.

Some of the key benefits are:

  • No More Paperwork: Printing, signing, scanning & uploading is a thing of the past. Turn any printed form into a digital one.
  • Automate Processes: With two-way data flow, you can push & pull information back into FastTrack360 fields. No more manual data entry! No more human errors!
  • Easy Integration: Our deep integration with FastTrack360 gives you signing capability within the one system + documents saved automatically in the right place.
  • Save Time Following Up: We will keep chasing people to sign documents for you and alert you if they haven’t.
  • Ensure Compliance: Increase your compliance, accuracy rates and stop searching for paperwork.
  • Legally Binding: PKI digital signature technology with a full audit trail of who signed what documents and when documents are legally binding.
  • Improved Experience: Fast, easy signing of contracts for clients & candidates – a full digital experience when interacting with you.
  • Built For Recruiters: Includes common government forms including Tax Declaration Form (TFN), Super Choice, IRD , Kiwisaver, and ACC.
  • Document Uploading: Upload compliance documents with a few clicks – drivers license , passports, work visa, and any document to support application.
  • Easy Reporting: Advance reporting and visibility of signing process let you know what is happening in your business with a click of the button, real time!

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App Details

Pre-requisite: To add this integration you need an active Secured Signing Enterprise account. To get a free demo and a custom quote for your business contact the Secured Signing team here or call 1800 305 175
Cost: please contact Secured Signing
Support: support@securedsigning.comor 1800 305 175
Access: This add-on app will install right into FastTrack360.

Get started: email to or call 1800 305 175

How it works

Once you are ready to send a document for signature within FastTrack360, click on the ‘Custom action’ button.

From the Secured Signing menu – choose what you need to do:

  • We Sign to send documents for Signature
  • Choose Document templates to send a document that you use over & over again which you built yourself.
  • Or Form Direct to send customised  mobile ready form which we have created for your business needs include data entryvalidation, such as ABN, TFN, street Address and more

Next, Secured Signing will send an email invitation to candidate / client to fill-in and sign documents with  Secured Signing .

An invitee simply clicks on the link in the email, enters the included email pass code and the system guides the invitee to fill in any required information & capture/draw their signature. The invitee then reviews the document and fill-in and Clicks to sign.

A completion email with the signed document is sent to all parties involved in the signing process.

The signed document is also saved in FastTrack360 to the originating record.

This describes a remote signing process. You can also use Secured Signing to sign documents in person if the candidate or client comes to visit your office, we call this Face to Face signing.

In addition, you can setup your company branding, create your own email templates, create your own signing workflows and much more.

How to get setup

The first step is to arrange a free demo with the Secured Signing team who will work out exactly what paper-based processes digital signing can help you with, they will then show you a live example of how the system works in FastTrack360 and provide a custom quote for your business.

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