An Easy Candidate Onboarding Solution for Labour Hire Companies

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Adding Onboarded lets you:

  • Easily and efficiently onboard candidates into your business
  • Use a solution built to manage the complexities of labour hire
  • Adapt the onboarding process to suit your needs
  • Automatically push all applicant data into your FastTrack360 system
  • Collect all critical compliance information
  • Easily see where all your candidates are in the onboarding process
  • Save wasted hours of manual data entry and provide a great first impression for your candidates
  • Includes standard payroll forms like Bank details, Tax File Number (TFN) declarations and Superannuation out of the box

App Details

Pre-requisite: An active Onboarded account.
Cost: Please contact Onboarded via their website, email info@onboarded.com.au or call on 0411 410 810.
Setup: info@onboarded.com.au or 0411 410 810
Support: Please contact Onboarded at info@onboarded.com.au
Access: This add-on app will install right into FastTrack360.

How it works

Onboarded, a complete Onboarding solution built specially for labour hire companies from ground up, is now available in the FastTrack360 Marketplace. Build customised onboarding forms that suits your business needs, with the responses automatically integrated directly into your FastTrack360 system.

Onboarded is built to minimise manual efforts required to onboard an applicant, ensuring you collect all necessary information to avoid your staff having to chase candidates and cause costly delays. This means you can get new candidates placed in a job even quicker. Plus all the onboarding information will automatically populate the fields you want in the FastTrack360 candidate’s record, saving you time and money.

The onboarding solution is a cloud-hosted, web-based online solution, so you can access it anywhere, at any time. Onboarded enables recruitment companies to save many hours of manual data entry and streamline their entire onboarding process while improving user experience for both applicants and internal users.

The Onboarded dashboard provides a complete 360° view of where each applicant is in their onboarding process, giving you better insight into your new candidate pool. Onboarded also saves an immense amount of time by making the entire process of collecting various compliance documents like driver licenses and passports pain-free for both applicants and internal users. Onboarded also provide payroll compliance forms like electronic Tax File Number (TFN) declaration forms, Standard Super choice forms and Bank detail forms all out of the box to capture payroll information. Not only are these forms added as PDF files  against a candidate record they also automatically create a payee record within FastTrack360, so no more manual keying of data!

How to get setup

Onboarded will completely manage the implementation process with your FastTrack360 system to ensure the forms, approval processes and automatic data capture meets your business needs.

Here's what customers are saying

How are you finding Onboarded?

“We are finding Onboarded fantastic and it is definitely solving our problem. We expect over the coming months as we launch our app to see even more benefits.”

What about working with the team? Do you feel they’re responsive, timely and solving your queries?

“Absolutely.  We usually receive a response almost immediately, even if it is just to tell us you are working through something.  Jyoti is awesome!”

What about the implementation process?

“Implementation was great.  Jyoti explains everything really well and is always looking for a solution for us.  She was very helpful during implementation and it was quite a quick and smooth process. Whenever something wasn’t possible, we were always given a reason why and an expected time frame or alternate solution.”

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