Upgrade to intelligent rostering, faster job fill and digital timesheet collection with Ento

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Adding Ento lets you:

  • Easily manage highly variable rosters
  • Utilise in-built rostering smarts to autofill rosters with the best candidates
  • Easily copy existing shifts and populate with suggested schedules and templates
  • Post shifts to suitable candidates for them to opt-in, with the shift then allocated on either a ‘first in, first served’ basis or manager approval, adding an extra layer of management control for fill-in shifts
  • Take advantage of smarter time collection with clock-in/clock-out via facial recognition technology or in-app via GPS technology, utilising geo-fencing, to ensure candidates are actually on-site when clocking in/out
  • Better empower and engage candidates with the Ento app to accept shifts, set availability and clock in/out
  • Leverage the tight integration with FastTrack360 to easily share candidate data, automatic syncing of jobs once shifts are filled
  • Easily import timesheets back into FastTrack360 to run payroll and billing

App Details

Prerequisite: An active rolled out Ento account.
Cost: Ento’s product experts are happy to help, just call 03 9982 1915 or email contact@ento.com.
Setup: contact@ento.com or 03 9982 1915
Support: Please contact our support team at contact@ento.com or call on 03 9982 1915.
Access: This solution integrates your Ento and FastTrack360 accounts

How it works

The FastTrack / Ento API integration provides the following unique features:

  • Pulls in job templates from FastTrack to roster within Ento
  • Pulls in candidates from FastTrack to roster within Ento
  • Creates or deletes a corresponding job order in FastTrack when a shift is created or deleted in Ento
  • Supports Ento’s rostering features such as Fill-In Finder and Autofill for rapid candidate allocation
  • Enables pooling of candidates by creating roster location groups
  • Enables the creation of multiple shifts at the same time within Ento
  • Candidates deleted from Ento become inactive and won’t be rostered on future shifts
  • Supports multiple clock in and out methods (such as facial recognition, GPS tagging, PIN code)
  • Supports staff lodging unavailability in the Ento employee app which, once approved by a manager, will sync across to FastTrack’s diary
  • If unavailability is retracted in Ento, this will also sync with FastTrack
  • Supports authorisation of timesheets in Ento – timesheets are then sent to FastTrack at the end of the paycycle

How to get setup

For FastTrack360 customers, please request a demo. Ento’s product experts are happy to help, just call 03 9982 1915 or email contact@ento.com.

Here's what customers are saying

Before moving to FastTrack360 and switching on the Ento API integration, Tailored Workforce would spend 2.5 days every week creating job orders.

“Now I just create a shift in Ento with two clicks and the job order is automatically created in FastTrack360 in seconds – it’s saved me a serious amount of time”, says Rimon Moussa, National Manager, Tailored Workforce

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