The evolution continues with FastTrack360 Version 12

After years of hard work, the FastTrack business has reached a significant milestone with the release of FastTrack360 Version 12. More than just a product upgrade, V12 is the final phase in consolidating FastTrack’s software offering into a single, global SaaS platform. This upgrade also enables us to transition to a feature-driven delivery model.

What does this mean for FastTrack customers?

  • All customers will enjoy the benefits of a global end-to-end platform
    This is great news for staffing agencies with a local or international footprint. FastTrack360 customers will use one software platform for recruit, time, payroll, and billing regardless of office location, plus, all features and future enhancements will be available globally.
  • An excellent, intuitive user experience
    All users will discover a new-look, more intuitive user interface that’s consistent all the way from the front to the back office. With a pure HTML user interface, the entire FastTrack360 solution can be accessed using your preferred web browser, so no more Silverlight. In-product learning resources such as ‘Show Me How’ will also be expanded to support all FastTrack360 users.
  • More product enhancements, more often
    Efficiencies gained by maintaining a single source code will enable the product development team to move towards a feature-driven delivery model. This means quicker adoption of smaller incremental changes plus more feature and maintenance releases, more often.  


“FastTrack360’s new upgrade has made the user experience from Recruitment, Payroll, Billing, and Integrations simpler, easier and more importantly faster! Finally, everything is run through one browser, streamlining the entire process.”

– Maria Kassaras, Programmed Skilled Workforce

In addition to these benefits, several new features have been released as part of the V12 upgrade. From V12, customers will be able to;

    • Split invoices by bill elements/bill element types
    • Improve security with the ability to impose stronger passwords
    • Add timesheet approver details to invoices & credit notes
    • Partially pay leave taken if entitlement balance is insufficient and
    • Deliver payslips securely via a download link in an email notification

The V12 release plays an important role in supporting FastTrack’s vision to be the business platform of choice for leading staffing organisations, globally. We will continue to innovate and work in partnership with our customers to deliver technology that improves productivity and adds value to their business.

View the video below to hear more about FastTrack360 V12 from Jason Quirk, FastTrack Chief Technology Officer


To find out how FastTrack360’s end-to-end platform can improve your staffing agency’s performance and support business growth, contact Luke Mugavin via e: or m: 0438 659 405

* All customers processing New Zealand payroll have now been upgraded to V12 and commercial release for remaining customers will take place from April – May.

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