Tips to improve your payroll system

Employees who don't complete payroll could find the whole process mind-numbingly simple. 

However, human resources staff know it can be a minefield of potential banana skins that can waste time and cause unnecessary distress.

Payroll functions are among the most time-consuming activities in any recruitment business. Fortunately, certain types of payroll software offer several ways to create a more efficient payroll system for your business.

Eliminate data entry

Errors made during the data entry stage of payroll are common and while avoidable, can cause problems for employees. If businesses are unable to track mistakes, it can soon begin to add up and potentially be costly to a company.

It could be simple as a digit left out or added in, but in either case causes additional paperwork and recalculations of payment.

Payroll software eliminates data entry completely creating an simple system that is easy for human resource staff to use.

Easy-to-use online timesheets

Most timesheets used for payroll are clunky and often it is hard to extract data as too much unnecessary information is recorded.

Payroll software can offer a wide range of online timesheet options depending on the candidate or client.

This can help to ensure swift payment and the ability to clearly check historical data if required.


An important part of the payroll system is ensuring the transparency of the information involved.

For the benefit of audits and company records, it is imperative the data is up-to-date and correct. Inconsistent information is disastrous for businesses if disputes arise.

Payroll software can efficiently report and process payroll data which creates useful information for the company.

By implementing payroll software, businesses become more efficient and with additional power to personalise customer payments.

When accurate, the payroll system of a company is an important part of the relationship between business and client.

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