Students worldwide reveal their dream employers

With more graduates than ever before entering the global job market, clear patterns emerge as to where they see themselves working. A recent study conducted by Universum has revealed the most desirable companies from the perspective of students in the fields of business and engineering/IT.

In both cases, Google tops the list for the fourth consecutive year in a row.  The survey was conducted in the 12 largest countries ranked by economy and consisted of a pool of just under 240,000 students.

The study showed that students were drawn to innovative and energetic companies that could offer them valuable experience and plenty of opportunities to seek personal growth.

"Students are seeking platforms for their own performance and growth", said Petter Nylander, CEO of Universum, "and they told us which companies are accomplishing this."

In Australia, local trends remained similar to the worldwide list, indicating the desire for graduates to work for prestigious and global conglomerates. While not all firms can compete with the reputation of these big names, they can leverage their growth and performance opportunities to attract skilled and ambitious graduates. To do this, they must learn how to keep this group engaged in their work. 

SACS Consulting's Disengaged Nation report found that workers under 30 were the most likely to become disengaged with their tasks. Even the most ambitious of employees can lose focus if they are not properly managed through productivity software and other workforce solutions. Clear career pathways and feedback can also give graduates tangible long-term goals, which they often lack compared with their older counterparts. 

Keeping graduates tuned into their work has substantial benefits, including an increase in diligence and a more altruistic outlook, according to the report. This may increase a firm's reputation in certain circles as workers are more willing to speak positively about their employer and encourage others to seek work there.

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