Recruiting expert expects January influx of jobseekers

With scores of people reviewing their careers and setting new goals at the start of the year, recruitment firm Hays expects a significant number of people will be seeking new roles in 2014.

Nick Deligiannis, managing director of Hays Australia and New Zealand, advised employees that January may be an opportune time to consider a career change – especially if they feel they are going nowhere in their current job.

"Candidates are more willing to consider leaving their current roles if they are sure a new role offers opportunities for growth and that the company and staff are stable," he said in a January 9 statement.

"Candidates can feel more confident in 2014 – improving economic conditions are making companies more confident about their hiring plans, so it's actually a good time to take stock of your career."

He offered some sage advice for anyone wanting to make a career upgrade their new year's resolution, such as having a firm understanding of their career objectives, using the interview as an opportunity to ask insightful questions and writing down and tracking their goals.

As job hunters look to take advantage of a recovering economy to bolster their career, what can recruitment agencies do to help them out?

If your agency isn't already making use of recruitment software, it could be a good time to consider this investment. These productivity solutions not only save time, money and resources for your agency but can also help match candidates to appropriate jobs more efficiently.

FastTrack360, for example, uses workflow automation technology to streamline every step of the recruitment process, from job posting to candidate searching and applicant tracking.

To see how recruitment software can help give your agency a leg up in the new year, give FastTrack a call today.

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