Organisations need to embrace technology to keep up with changing work world


According to new predictions for 2016 from Bersin by Deloitte, the major challenges for organisations this year will be centred around keeping up with the expectations and needs of current and potential employees when it comes to providing an innovative and engaging workplace.

The report recommends that companies embrace integrated technology solutions to retain current employees through engagement while attracting new hires with interactive and efficient software.

So what are some specific solutions organisations can seek out to meet the challenges of 2016?

Recruiting systems for a new era of talent

One of Bersin by Deloitte’s predictions outlines the growing need for talent management systems that reflect the rapidly changing recruitment environment.

Exciting new talent is expecting a recruiting process that is stream-lined, easy to use and interactive.

According to an article from ERE Media by HR expert Dr. John Sullivan, the hiring market has shifted towards a more candidate-centred environment and employers must meet the high expectations candidates have of the recruiting process itself. Sullivan explains that this means creating a hiring process that is efficient, interactive and mobile-friendly.

Recruitment software that is both mobile-friendly and incorporates self-service portals is one way that organisations can offer candidates a faster and more interactive recruiting process that demonstrates the company’s tech-friendliness

HR systems: Innovative and interactive

Another Bersin prediction highlights the increased pressure on HR departments to replace dated systems with “systems of engagement”, which promote interaction instead of simply providing a record-keeping function.

By streamlining the various aspects of HR systems, new technology frees up human resources to focus more on interactions with candidates and employees. Supporting this idea, Change Recruitment lists consistent communication and feedback as factors that positively influence candidates to choose one employer over another.

According to a study by Software Advice, HR professionals are seeking out software that increases functionality and efficiency and has features such as applicant tracking. Furthermore, 77 per cent of respondents said they would prefer a web-based service, demonstrating the increased popularity of cloud-compatible software.

Integrating recruitment and productivity

Adding to the pressure of providing a more engaging workplace is the continued push for increased productivity.

“One of the biggest challenges for HR in the next few years will be to focus on improving the work experience for employees while driving productivity” says Josh Bersin, from Bersin by Deloitte.

Fortunately, the same software that integrates recruitment systems can also be used to provide productivity solutions –  combining payroll, time sheets and billing into one simple service.

By seeking out easy-to-use software that integrates multiple functions, including recruitment and productivity, organisations can simultaneously satisfy employee expectations for a tech-savvy workplace while freeing up more time to focus on employee engagement.

Innovative recruitment software addresses challenges in the 2016 workplace.
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