Impact of technology noted in survey

Businesses are in a constant state of evolution, so any changes made to the infrastructure are going to have a impact, one way or another.

This is backed up by a OfficeTeam survey published this year by recruitment firm Robert Half. More than 300 senior managers were polled and asked what changes had the greatest impact on administrative professionals in their business in the previous 12 months.

An overwhelming majority (48 per cent) responded that new technology or software had provided the biggest impact. This was followed by changes in company benefits and reduction in staff size (18 per cent), increase in staff size (8 per cent) and more employees working remotely/flexible arrangements (6 per cent).

Robert Hosking, executive director of OfficeTeam, explained that technology often is beneficial to administrative professionals and can assist other parts of the business.

"Administrative professionals are often at the front lines of implementing new technology at work and teaching others how to use it," he said.

"In addition to helping companies adapt to hardware and software updates, support staff are regularly going beyond the call of duty to address an array of business challenges."

Those in administrative roles are also more likely to help in other departments during slow periods. This means having technology or software available to them will make their jobs easier and allow them to drift across the business.

"It's not uncommon for administrative professionals to jump in to assist with everything from communicating changes in company benefits to taking on extra projects when staff levels decline," Mr Hosking concluded.

Technology on its own can't turn a business around; it is up the individuals to use it in the best possible way to the company's advantage.

Businesses should recognise that they need to make innovative changes to remain competitive in the market and this can be done by installing productivity software or ROI software.

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