How to spot a disorganised recruitment agency

Is your recruitment agency struggling with disorganisation? If so, chances are you're not the only person aware of it.

As the quality of service you deliver deteriorates, you can wager that your existing clients and candidates will begin to pick up on the fact that your agency is operating below optimal efficiency.

That's why it's important to be aware of the warning signs that help the public spot a disorganised recruitment agency, so that you can address them before it is too late. 

Payroll and billing delays 

Your clients and candidates expect to be paid or billed as necessary, on time and accurately. They will not accept mistakes or errors that slip in and result in excessive delays – especially where money is concerned.

If your agency is still managing payroll and billing tasks in a disorganised, manual fashion, then it's time to assess your options and consider specialised payroll and billing software.

This technology can help you automate all payroll and billing processes, ensuring that clients are billed accurately and quickly, and that candidates are paid in a timely and efficient fashion.  

Slow or inefficient communication

Good communication is the lifeblood of any business, but particularly for recruitment agencies, which often need to collaborate and work with a number of different parties to ensure orders are filled within a set time period.

Clients and candidates expect to be communicated with quickly and accurately. If they are left in the dark about important issues, or their queries go unanswered for a significant period of time, they will quickly begin to realise that something is wrong.

Lost or mismanaged information

Finally, one of the key features of good customer service is ensuring that clients and candidates are treated with respect. Their time is valuable, and they expect you to acknowledge this fact. 

For this reason, your agency needs to ensure it is carefully collating and documenting any candidate or client information that may streamline proceedings further down the line. This includes keeping a record of past interactions, as well as a comprehensive database of contact information.

Recruitment software with built-in candidate and client relationship management functionality can assist with this, and many of the other red flags that may be leading to inefficiencies and disorganisation in your agency. 

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