How to reap efficiency gains in a growing recruitment marketplace


Most recruitment agencies today use a primary software platform within which they manage the majority of their core activities. However, recruiters also need to regularly access websites and other applications outside of this core platform in order to conduct searches, post jobs as well as other day-to-day activities.

Understanding the potential benefits of integrating third-party applications, FastTrack recently launched MarketPlace – a new feature that provides access to useful sites and services within FastTrack360, its Recruit-Time-Pay-Bill software solution.

“Multiple tasks and functions can all be completed within one hub.”

Need for efficiency gains dictating demand

Jason Quirk, CTO at FastTrack Recruitment, said the new offering was all about improving work-flows for recruiters.

“One of the major benefits the MarketPlace [users] will find is an increase in efficiency, as it will mean multiple tasks and functions can all be completed within one hub,” Mr. Quirk said.

Upon launch, FastTrack’s MarketPlace had formed several partnerships and integrated with several market-leading apps useful for recruiters, including Secured Signing, Google Maps, Broadbean and SMS Central.

FastTrack’s MarketPlace provides potential efficiency gains for recruiters.

Secured Signing, an application for electronic document signing, was one of the first partners to come on board. Its integration means that less time and resources are wasted working between two different systems and manually uploading signed files back into FastTrack.

“Put simply, [recruiters] will be able to perform a number of different functions all from the one ecosystem that is FastTrack360,” said Mr. Quirk.

“This doesn’t just make the experience better from a recruiter’s standpoint, but from a candidate’s perspective as well. All round, we’re expecting to create a much simpler and much more effective user experience with the FastTrack MarketPlace.”

FastTrack will continue to grow its MarketPlace.

How FastTrack’s MarketPlace is growing

FastTrack will continue to grow its MarketPlace by seeking to partner with service providers who have something to offer recruiters, such as video interviewing, police or visa checking, OH&S, and induction management. According to Mr. Quirk, the company is engaging with a small number of partners and will continue getting feedback from agencies on what they would like to see.

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