Four ways NOT to recruit talent

Stage one of getting the right people for any enterprise is getting skilled candidates into the recruitment process. Here are four mistakes to avoid when it comes to getting the right people into the interview chair.

Advertising unrealistic requirements

Most job-hunters will have run across job advertisements requiring five years of experience with a computer program that's only existed for three. This has the double-negative effect of dissuading perfectly qualified individuals from applying (thinking they're unqualified for the position), and also making knowledgeable applicants think less of the employer for not understanding what it's asking for. 

Similarly, asking for five years experience for a junior position is a great way to dissuade promising junior candidates from applying while also filling your inbox with sub-standard experienced candidates. The exceptional candidate with five years of experience is unlikely to be looking for junior positions.

Cumbersome application processes

There are few things more frustrating for a candidate than having to create an account with clunky recruitment software, upload a CV and then be asked to manually re-enter all the information that's already contained in the CV. Ponderous processes create a bad impression for the candidate of an inefficient organisation that does not value their time. Make sure you're using the best recruitment software and that it's not full of redundant questions. 

Recruiting passively

Recruiters passively receive enquiries from job-seekers all the time, and while there's plenty of possibility in the CV pile, other recruiters are probably going to have those same exact CVs. Actively head hunting the best people takes time, but it gives you access to an otherwise untapped resource.

Moving too slowly

When it comes to hiring, there are plenty of recruiters operating in the market and they all want the cream of the crop, and for that reason the cream seldom sits around long. Dragging out a hiring process over weeks is a good way to find out that your preferred candidate has taken another position. Quick turnarounds also communicate an efficient organisation to the candidate. 

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