Businesses investing in employee branding

Making sure your recruitment strategies and policies are correct is one way to ensure that the right person is employed in the role. Through employee branding initiatives, businesses can highlight themselves as an industry leader and become a target for highly qualified candidates.

According to recent research from Employer Brand International, 65 per cent of worldwide enterprises are looking at increase this investment in the near future. More than 1,100 organisations from 19 countries took part in the study including a number from Australia.

Employer Brand International found that enterprises who actively develop their employer brand can see two benefits – an increase in productivity and a wider range of quality talent.

Brett Minchington, Employer Brand International chairman and CEO, explained recruitment is an important aspect to get right as making the wrong choice can cost you in the long term.

"This report highlights the need to educate leaders about the business benefits of employer branding and train leaders how to develop and implement an employer brand strategy," he said.

"Employer brand strategy provides a way forward for organisations to ensure they can attract and retain the talent required for growth."

During the recruitment process, it was found that there were three key attributes that enterprises should be promoting through their brand image. According to the respondents, 87 per cent thought career development, followed by leadership (86 per cent) and work environment (83 per cent).

How can you track your brand investment?

According to Employer Brand International, most businesses track this with employee engagement and retention rates. Other respondents mentioned the quality of the hire and the cost per hire as well.

One way to boost your employee brand is to invest in recruitment software that can streamline your system and easily manage and track job applications.

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