4 compelling reasons to embrace workflow automation now


For many businesses, determining whether to adopt a productivity solution can be a big decision. As with any change, the idea of transitioning a company’s operations can be a daunting prospect, and many decision-makers can be left wondering – is it worth it?

Yet workflow automation can provide a number of considerable benefits for businesses, ranging from administrative convenience to savings in time and money, and these can drastically improve the overall progress of a company. So here are four compelling reasons that you should adopt a cloud application.

Businesses do not have to manage upgrades themselves, this is the responsibility of the vendor.

1. The vendor is responsible for upgrades

Firstly, the hassle of implementing software updates is a big concern for many business owners, as the process of integrating changes into current functionality can be a challenging one. However, sales order application developer Handshake says that because cloud software is hosted by the vendor, they are the ones responsible for upgrading and managing the operating system.

As a result of the low level of maintenance required, cloud solutions can be a lot more reliable and easier to use.

2. Improved data protection

Another important advantage of workflow automation is that information being stored on the cloud is safer than it would be on an in-house system. According to technology insight provider CIO, this is because software providers have a lot more resources and technical expertise than the average businesses have available to them, and are thus able to provide a much more secure system.

Vendors will not only encrypt your information to prevent unauthorised access, but will back also it up remotely to ensure its continuity.

Your productivity software is able to grow along with you.

3. Scalability

Some decision makers have a misconception that productivity solutions such as payroll software are only applicable to large corporations with a complex workflow. On the contrary, Handshake states that good applications are able to be customised to the specific needs of any organisation. As a result, smaller businesses, or those with an existing infrastructure of their own, have the option to adopt only those aspects of the software that are useful to them.

In addition, applications can be expanded as and when necessary to accommodate business growth.

4. Increased efficiency

Finally, inventory management software provider TradeGecko says that efficiency software has the potential to significantly reduce the time and labour costs of many business activities. This is because cloud software enables information to flow automatically across the platform without the need to manually transpose the data. Consequently, practices such as payroll and billing are made much simpler and more accessible.

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