3 industries set to grow in 2018 and how to find candidates


Companies that ramped up hiring in 2017 can expect more of the same in 2018.

The Australian economy grew at a rate of 2.8 per cent over the last year and the trend is likely to continue, the Reserve Bank of Australia reported. As a result, staffing agencies will face greater competition when it comes to recruiting top-tier candidates. It’s important to keep an eye on which Australian industries are growing in 2018, and where to source the best applicants. Here are three to get you started:

1. Technology

It’s no secret that a large part of the country’s economic success hinges on the investments – both international and domestic – being made in its business sector. The Australian fintech market is one of the largest in the Asia-pacific region and a big reason why the industry is set to grow by nearly 25 per cent through 2022, according to the Department of Employment (DoE). With many of the new positions likely to require niche skill sets, it’s important to be sourcing through the channels that will provide the highest quality candidates.

Hiring for technology jobs will increase through to 2022.

Technology job boards: IT Job Pro, Angel List and Australian FinTech Jobs

2. Logistics

The Australian manufacturing industry has been a bright spot in the economy despite the last automobile factory closing down. With the increase in activity comes a renewed focus on supply chains. The logistics sector in particular is expected to see employment increase by 6.5 per cent by 2022, the DoE reported.

Logistics job boards: Adzuna, SEEK

3. Marketing

Content, social media and paid advertising – as well as the fact that companies across the country are growing – continue to drive a need for skilled digital marketers. Internet publishing (21 per cent) and market research (19 per cent) are expected to see the most growth, according to Upskilled.

Marketing job boards: LinkedIn, Jora, Indeed

Marketing will benefit from a variety of industries increasing hiring.

Is your team ready?

These channel recommendations for sourcing candidates are only a starting point, but they set the stage for the greater trend at hand. Recruiters will be tasked with finding highly skilled individuals across a sea of job boards – with competitors doing the same.

To get ahead, organisations will need to leverage intuitive applications found on recruitment software, like Broadbean. The program allows recruiters to instantly post a listing to a select number of outlets, catered to whichever industry the position is in. Having a great understanding of where to find high quality candidates becomes a major advantage with technology like this at their disposal. Interested in learning more? Contact a FastTrack representative today.

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