3 benefits of payroll software

Payroll is and remains one of the most complex, yet important, processes that a business must face. Mistakes in this department can take days or even weeks to sort out and by then, the employee could be left unpaid.

As well as this, taking care of manual payroll in 2014 is a maze of different taxes and entitlements that can trip up even savvy employees.

Fortunately, by installing payroll software, businesses can simplify this process and avoid all the unnecessary headaches and data entry. The software can maintain accurate records for businesses and ensure workflow automation and productivity never fall flat.

Here are three benefits of payroll software:

1) Consistent invoices

An offset of the basic payroll system is making sure invoices are paid in a timely manner. The software is able to pull and track contractor company details and produce tax invoices to the specific date and amount.

The benefit of this being handled by software is that consistent invoices are produced and this is sure to please both customers and clients.

2) Merged systems

Businesses often have various worker classifications and this can cause problems, especially if the organisation has a separate payroll system for each. The data entry and hours spent on this can climb quickly with temporary staff and contract staff, for example, on different hours, pay and superannuation.

To combat this, the payroll software is able to merge all worker types in one easy system and accurately maintain contrasting pay rates. This will help to avoid mistakes and should keep the entire workforce paid and happy.

3) Special payments

Especially during the change of seasons, a number of employees will be taking sick leave and annual leave. However, it can be difficult to track and recalculate these changes into the payroll system.

The benefit of payroll software here is that it can automatically update leave figures and manage allowances and deductions of payments such as superannuation contributions.

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